Founders and Executives

Alfred Strauch

Founder and President

Alfred graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Art and Sciences. He has been involved in the computer industry for more than 25 years (including 15 years in the surveillance industry).

Alfred has a vision and mission to create a secure computing architecture.

Steven Carbno

Founder, CTO and Chief Architect

Steven Carbno, Technology Architect and Senior Programmer, Smart Talk Beacon Solutions Ltd. Steven has a BSc from University of Regina. He has 20 yrs of programming experience related to industrial and telecommunications systems. He is the architect and developer of the “No Trust Security” protocol to secure, monitor, operate, manage and support IoT devices.

About Smart Talk Beacon Solutions 

Smart Talk Beacon Solutions Ltd. is focused on the development, sale and support of a safe and secure infrastructure for computing called Secure Relationship Protocol Network Operating System (SRPNetOS). SRPNetOS implementations are referred to as SRP in this and related documents. SRP is a hardware solution that includes SRPNetOS making implementation and distribution easy for sales, distribution and implementation.

Mission critical infrastructures require high security solutions. SRP is a game changing solution targeting the needs of defense, utilities and core safety and security infrastructure. Safe and secure computing including communications, and supply chain management are delivered as part of the SRP infrastructure. 

SRP is transformative in approach, impact and results because it was designed for security from start to finish. SRP is a set of integrated solutions with a unique “Plug and play” implementation model for high security for mission critical infrastructure.