Secure Relationship Protocol Network Operating System

SRPNetOS (also referred to as SRP) is a safe and secure enterprise resource (ER) architecture. SRP merges DCS and a connection management with a network operating system to create a policy based architecture to secure, operate, manage and support ERs.

SRPNetOS is a container based architecture providing a secure interface for each ER. The interface or implementation varies based on need such as a simple network card, an integrated interface, a SRP Management Switch (SRP-MS), SRP-IP Gateway, or a server implementation.

SRP is implemented on every ER. ERs are independent entities with self management capabilities. SRP devices are safe, secure, and self managed based on policy.

ER Chip Integration

PCI Bus Implementation

Implementations vary based on implementation operations including legacy integration. New SRPNetOS implementations are domain agnostic. An ER has a defined relationship to an owner. The ER needs only have connectivity to an SRP infrastructure. ERs are independent distributed resources.

SRP supports virtualization, contain management and ER integration as seen in the following image. 

Legacy integration is simplified using the Information Exchange Framework (IEF). The IEF is a powerful DCS policy driven architect used by various government,  military, and law enforcement organization to protect and manage the sharing of information based on a semantic use model.

The IEF is an Object Management Group standard available on the OMG site.

The image below is a high level overview related to the integration of SRP and IEF.

SRP Components

SRP has been designed from the ground up using a "Blank Slate" approach where the goal is to design a new technology architecture for maximum security and functionality. After 8 years of work, the result is SRPNetOS.

SRP has 6 integrated solution sets:

In reality, SRP is a complex environment designed to make computing safe, secure and easy.

Why do you need SRP? 

2023 saw a 72% increase in data breaches since 2021, which held the previous all-time record. Cybersecurity Stats: Facts And Figures You Should Know

Security today is not consistent nor reliable. The reasons are numerous but in the end security is costly, ineffective and unreliable. 

SRPNetOS is the safe and solution for a new generation of computing.

Build once, use everywhere!

You can power most devices with SRPNetOS. Devices are secure, safe, self aware, more capable and sharable.

How does this work?

Build your safe and secure devices with SRPNetOS. DCS, netOS and ERMAs EXTEND your safe and secure architecture onto the network. 

SRP is implemented by:

SRPNetOS is an OSS project! 

SRP is a network operating system. Linux is a operating system for computer networking. Together, you have network operations and IT operations integrated into a safe and secure environment

If you would like to learn more about participating in the SRP OSS project as a partner, development partner, an affiliate or user please email